Wallet Reference App Errors

I've been trying to test out the Trinsic Cloud Wallet reference app. It's running as localhost:8000 I seem to be able to Accept a connection invite. I wanted to issue credential so I went to the Faber College org and tried to Offer A Credential using the college transcript template. It seems like the only thing I can do is copy and past the Credential Offer Link into the Accept Connection Field of the Wallet app. But when I do that, I get the following errors on the npm console:(node:91915) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: {"error":"Unhandled exception: Invalid message type","errorType":"Exception"} at new RestError (/trinsic/wallet-reference-app/node_modules/@azure/ms-rest-js/dist/msRest.node.js:2480:28) at /trinsic/wallet-reference-app/node_modules/@azure/ms-rest-js/dist/msRest.node.js:3687:37 at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>) at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5) How do I do anything other than accept simple connection invites? Thanks

Trinsic Connectionless Credential Issuance

Hello - Does Trinsic support connectionless credential issuance? We are attempting to issue a connectionless credential via our standalone ACA-PY agent into a Trinsic Wallet. We receive the credential offer, but the Trinsic Wallet errors out when accepting the credential. It states "Something went wrong - Our developers have been notified" There are no errors observed on the ACA-PY agent itself. We structured our test connectionless credential exactly how Trinsic structures its connectionless login credential when a user selects to log in with a credential for the first time, and the connectionless login credential is sent to their email account. The only difference in our case is that the Trinsic wallet is connecting to our standalone ACA-PY agent as the service endpoint, as opposed to the Trinsic API service.

About Trinsic architecture

Does Trinsic use Sovrin as a ledger to store DIDs and hyperledger Aries to interface with it, or does it have its own implementation of hyperledger Indy?

Wallet credentials backup and restore

Does python Aries mediator service already have an api for backup and restore credentials? and just path for storage need to be configured?

Issue Credential Error with API

Hello Teams, I try to issue credential by python API.(https://docs.trinsic.id/reference/issuecredential) credentials_client.issue_credential(credential_id) However, the following ClientRequestError is occered. ''' ClientRequestError: Error occurred in request., RetryError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='api.trinsic.id', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /credentials/v1/credentials/[credential key] (Caused by ResponseError('too many 500 error responses')) ''' I think Credential Key and Setting of proxy are correct. When I use iPhone App to accept offer, it worked and the credential status changed from offered to issued. I think when I use the command 'credentials_client.issue_credential(credential_id)', I can issue credential without iPhone App. Do you have any ideas to work well?

Trinsic Wallet error on scan invitation-url (QR code)

1) ACA-PY agent running on GCP compute engine, endpoint exposed as http://<External-ip-address>:3000. This ACA-PY agent is connected to BCovring test ledger (http://test.bcovrin.vonx.io). ACA-PY agent is successfully running. 2) Creating a connection invite using ACA-PY admin endpoint POST /connections/create-invitation Body - { "my_label": "XYZ" } Invitation URL is successfully generated. 3) Converted Invitation URL to QR code 4) Scanned QR code using my Trinsic Wallet on iPhone. received pop-up to accept Invite from XYZ. Clicked Accept Error - Something went wrong, Our developers have been notified of the problem. Help is much appreciated !!

What is the rationale for not providing login for trinsic wallet ?

Hi Team, Why login screen has been not provided in trinsic wallet ? if mobile got lost what will happen to the credentials

beginer question

Hi guys , Im evaluating trinsic , after testing platform have following questions: After trinsic verified my mail I was able to login with my wallet and now I have a trinsic credential in my wallet: Who issued that credential ? Can I use this credential for something else? What is the "account id" ? is this unique ? In my wallet (esatus) , there is no name for the credential ... just shows "default" , is it ok ? About the wallet: What hapens if I lose my wallet ? Can I recover my credentials ? Can I change wallet ? Can I use any wallet for any ledger/propose ? -------------- About development: what happens after I burn my 50 free transactions ? What happens with credential templates created on trinsic ? can I use them outside trinsic ? About credentials: Can I track the issued credentials ? How can I see them? Who can verify issued credentials from trinsic? Can I browse the templates I created on the ledger ? (im trying on https://indyscan.io/txs/SOVRIN_STAGINGNET) Regards. Leandro

Issue with get started

I recently created an account to test Trinsic, and received an email that I was offered a Login Credential. The email said to accept the credential in my digital wallet. I was unable to accept the credential because it kept coming back with error "A2A Message Transmission Error"; uninstalling and reinstalling my Trinsic digital wallet didn't help. I emailed [email protected] but did not receive a response. What is my next step?

After accept the credential offer in aries framework based app, the offer state is not changed to issued in Trinsic Studio

Hi, I'm building wallet app based on Aries Framework JavaScript. After call acceptOffer method to accept credential offer that initiated from Trinsic Studio, the offer state becomes Requested instead of Issued. It works fine when accept from the Trinsic Wallet app. Can you help check if anything else is needed to make it work with Trinsic server? Thanks.