A layer built on top of Core, Trinsic Ecosystems is an enterprise-grade product for organizations that want to implement digital trust infrastructure into an ecosystem. By ecosystem, we mean a network of companies and consumers that need to be able to securely share and instantly verify data. At Trinsic, we call the organizations that bring together these ecosystems of companies and customers "providers" since they are providing digital trust to the ecosystem through Trinsic's infrastructure.


Referred to as an "ecosystem in a box", Trinsic Ecosystems can be broken down into three components:

  1. Governance as code: Ecosystems makes it possible for providers to enforce the rules (or governance) of their digital trust ecosystem. These rules include which participants are allowed in a given ecosystem, what data they're allowed to issue and verify, and how those participants are vetted. Each ecosystem has a Trust Registry built-in, so ecosystem participants have the surety that they are interacting with a trusted party.

  2. Ease of adoption: To successfully build a digital trust ecosystem, it must be easy for providers to onboard participants. Trinsic Ecosystems comes with all of the frictionless onboarding tools a provider needs to be successful in doing so. These tools include the Trinsic SDK which can be white-labeled and is available in most of the major programming languages as well as a white-labeled version of Trinsic Studio for all issuing and verifying organizations within an ecosystem to manage their digital credential exchange. In addition, Trinsic makes it easy for individuals to be onboarded into an ecosystem through the Mobile Wallet SDK which makes it easy for developers to embed digital cloud wallets for their customers into an existing application.

3) Interoperable technology: Ecosystems gives providers the ability to be interoperable with other digital trust ecosystems even if the other ecosystems are using different standards. This is made possible through Trinsic's Schema Registry which allows ecosystems to easily discover, reference, and verify digital credentials from other ecosystems.


To learn more about Ecosystems, watch the webinar below titled "Introducing Trinsic Ecosystems".

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