Published examples and demos of how to use our APIs

At Trinsic, we work hard to help developers cross the "desert of integration". We have created several reference apps hosted on our GitHub Account. These reference apps are meant to illustrate how each of the Trinsic APIs could be implemented in a real-life use case.

If you are interested in a specific example for a reference app feel free to reach out.

Provider Reference App

The provider-reference-app showcases how to programmatically create and manage organizations using the Provider API. This can be especially useful to mass onboard organizations into a provider ecosystem.


Issuer Reference App

The issuer-reference-app demonstrates how to create a connection and issue a credential in a single workflow. The example uses webhooks to automatically issue a credential after a connection is created.


Verifier Reference App

The verifier-reference-app utilizes the ability to issue connectionless credentials and verifications. In the example, you generate a passport that is sent via connectionless credential. Then using that same credential one can respond to a verification request.


Wallet Reference App

The wallet-reference-app shows a basic way in which cloud wallets can be managed. You can create and delete wallets as well as accept connections and credentials on behalf of each wallet.


Meta Digital

Verify your healthcare information to get a prescription with the Meta Digital demo

Other Examples

Additional examples in various languages in our samples repository.