Learn to how use Zapier + Trinsic to integrate SSI into 2000+ other apps


What integrations would you like to see?

We've partnered with Zapier to deliver integrations with 2,000+ other applications. Are there other integrations or use cases you'd like to see? Send us your feature requests to [email protected]!

Zapier lets you connect Trinsic to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate self-sovereign identity workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

In Zapier, triggers are an event that initiates an automated workflow and actions are the events that occur in that workflow. In the example below, a new registrant in Eventbrite is the trigger of this workflow. In the workflow, the actions that are completed are issuing a credential, registering for a webinar, and sending a confirmation email to the new event attendee.


With integrations to over 2000 other applications, the sky is the limit in terms of integrations. Build an automated credential exchange workflow in less than 15 minutes by following these instructions:

  1. First, plan out your use case. Maybe you're following the lead of the Internet Identity Workshop and issuing verifiable credentials as event tickets. Whatever you're doing, make a plan for how you want the integration to work.
  2. Next, head to the Trinsic Studio and create an Organization. You'll need the API keys for the Organization in order to use Zapier.
  3. Once in the Trinsic Studio, set up a credential template, verification template, or whatever else you need for your use case.
  4. Finally, set up the flow in Zapier and follow the prompts you're given.

Getting Started with Zapier

Sign up for a free Zapier account, from there you can jump right in. To help you hit the ground running, below is a tutorial for issuing a business card from a Google Form using Zapier.

What's Next

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