Zapier tutorial

Want to get started with Zapier fast? Try building your first integration using the following pre-built templates. Follow along with the webinar video below or just follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your first integration.

High-level instructions

  1. Click here to use the zap template
  2. Click here to use the Google Sheets template
  3. Click here to go to the Trinsic Studio
  4. Create a new credential template using the following Schema ID
  • RzmcMm98PZKHwVp9BnewCc:2:Business Card (staging):1.0
  1. Go back to Zapier and finish the flow


Start Zapier setup

  1. Click here to use the pre-built template for issuing a business card from a Google Form
  2. Click the “Try this zap” button
  3. Create an account with Zapier (login with Google makes the next steps easier)

Set up Google Sheets

  1. Click here to launch Google Sheets
  2. Click the “Use template” button

Set up the credential

  1. Go to the Trinsic Studio and click “Sign up with credential”
  2. Select the free plan to get started
  3. Click on the “+ Organization” button to create an issuer
    1. Make sure to create it on Sovrin StagingNet
    2. You can name it whatever you’d like
  4. Click into the new organization, then click on the “Credentials” tab
  5. Create a new credential template using the “+ Template” button
    1. Select the “From existing schema” option
    2. Paste in the following schema ID: RzmcMm98PZKHwVp9BnewCc:2:Business Card (staging):1.0
  6. You’re all set!

Finish Zapier setup

  1. Go back to the Zapier workflow you started in the first step.
  2. Follow the steps to connect your Google Sheets, Trinsic, and Gmail.


Paid Zapier account

In this tutorial, you created a multi-step integration. In order to go live with automated multi-step integrations, you'll need to upgrade your Zapier account to a paid plan. For integrations you can start using for free, find single-step Zap templates on our Integrations Page.

If you get stuck or have any additional questions, feel free to ask your questions in Trinsic's developer forum or email [email protected] or [email protected]!