Upload asset

Upload a new asset to be used as an image for a tenant tile.

Service Clients (SDKs)

This endpoint can be accessed using one of our service clients as follows.

For more information on how to use our service clients, see our Service Clients (SDKs) guide.

System.IO.Stream uploadedFile = System.IO.File.OpenRead(filePath); // filePath = path to files to be uploaded
String filename = "sample.png"; // Filename
String contentType = "png"; // Optional file type
AssetContract asset = await _providerClient.AddAssetAsync(uploadedFile, filename, contentType);
// Documentation coming soon
uploaded_file = open('./test.png', 'rb')
filename = "sample.png"  # Filename
content_type = "png"  # Optional file type
asset = provider_client.add_asset(uploaded_file, filename, content_type)
# Documentation coming soon
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