Create connection

Initiate a new connection by creating an invitation.
The newly created connection record will be in state 'Invited' until the other party has accepted the invitation.
The response body includes details about the newly creation connection.

Service Clients (SDKs)

This endpoint can be accessed using one of our service clients as follows.

For more information on how to use our service clients, see our Service Clients (SDKs) guide.

String name = null;
String connectionId = null;
Boolean multiParty = false;
ConnectionContract connection = await _credentialsClient.CreateConnectionAsync(new ConnectionInvitationParameters {
  Name = name,
  ConnectionId = connectionId,
  MultiParty = multiParty
let name = null;
let connectionId = null;
let multiParty = false;
let connection = await credentialsClient.createConnection({
  name: name,
  connectionId: connectionId,
  multiParty: multiParty
name = None
connection_id = None
multi_party = False
connection = credentials_client.create_connection({
  "multiParty": multi_party,
  "name": name,
  "connectionId": connection_id
body =
body.connection_id = nil = nil
body.multi_party = false
connection = credentials_client.create_connection(body)
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