Submit verification using the provided policy parameters

Service Clients (SDKs)

This endpoint can be accessed using one of our service clients as follows.

For more information on how to use our service clients, see our Service Clients (SDKs) guide.

var verificationaDataPolicyCredentialParams = new VerificationDataPolicyCredentialParameters
        VerificationData = "verificationData",
        Parameters = new[]
                    new VerificationPolicyCredentialParameters()
                        PolicyName = "test verification policy",
                        CredentialId = "credentialId",
                        Hidden = true //or false

      await tenant.WalletServiceClient.SubmitVerificationForParametersAsync("walletId", verificationaDataPolicyCredentialParams);
const response = await walletClient.submitVerificationForParameters("walletId", {
        parameters: [
                policyName: "verificationPolicyName",
                credentialId: "credentialId",
                hidden: true //or false
        verificationData: "verificationData"
wallet_client.submit_verification_from_data_auto_select(wallet_id, verification_data)
wallet_client.submit_verification_from_data_auto_select(wallet_id, verification_data)
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